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Cowhide Stool #2


100% Cowhide & Timber Stool

Style #2

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Beautiful Cowhide and Timber Stool
** Please Note exact Stool Is the stool in the picture with Boots  displayed on its own as the profile picture**
This Stunning 1 x only  100% Cowhair Stool is just what you need  for those finishing touches for your home or office.
If your looking for that special piece that will give your home, gooseneck  or Office that WOW factor, this could be just what your looking for a touch of classic & elegant classy country style while adding warmth and style to any room.

These beautiful, rustic and classically country round Genuine Cowhide & Timber are strong and durable and perfect for every day use.

The Stools are 100% Cowhair rugs and Rustic Timber are made from premium quality grade cowhide and sturdy solid wooden legs with no flaws on the hide or hair.
The Stools are 45cm H x 30cm W x 30cm D

Item Specifics:

  • 100% Cowhair
  • Strong sturdy Wooden legs
  • 45cm H x 30cm W x 30cm D
  • Unique design, no two are alike


Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm


100% Cowhide & Timber Stool

Style: #2

Item Specifics

    • Strong sturdy Wooden legs
    • 45cm H x 30cm W x 30cm D
    • Unique design, no two are alike


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