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Barrel Racing Journal


JA – Barrel Racing Journal






JA – Barrel Racing Journal

Keep a track of everything you need to remember and reflect on in this handy sized barrel racing journal. It contains 150 pages of for everything you need to record and track your horses. All the handy info contained in nice size of 6” x 9”, just a handy size to pop in the glove box or your bag.

“A must have for every serious Barrel Racer”

First half of the book is for logging your race days.

  • Horse
  • Association
  • Date
  • Entry Fees
  • Money Made
  • Outcome
  • Location
  • Your Time
  • Winning Time
  • Your Placing

Then arena, ground and warm up notes. Then run notes. All on one page. for every 6 race entries there is a ‘changes I made’ page, race reflection ( geared towards over night races) and a changes id like to make page. This Journal is a great tool to look back on and review change and how they have improved your horse and your riding.

“Its amazing to go back after a month or 2 and realize what changes you made and how it effected your runs”

The second half of the journal is a mix of pages, record keeping for your date/ times and horse as well as personal best pages.

There are pages for writing each associations schedule

  • Injury & Prevention Tracking
  • Vet Visits
  • Call In Dates
  • Call Back Dates
  • Farrier Schedule
  • Deworming Schedule
  • Tracking Hay
  • Tracking Grain
  • Tracking Supplements
  • Short term Goals
  • Long term Goals
  • Seasonal Goals

please not this book is professionally done and has copyrights attached to this Barrel Racing Journal





Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm
Journal Cover

Dark Horse, Diamonds, Dream Catcher, Feathers, Long Horns, Rose & Skull


Journals Features

  • 150 pages
  • 6″ x 9″ tidy to fit into the glove box
  • Track your horses performance
  • Check your appointments and schedules
  • Keep a record of Moneys incoming & outgoing
  • Keep on track with your horses schedules and appointments
  • Horses Feed & Health Records
  • Have all your records at your finger tips
  • Reflect on previous horses and seasons

“Its amazing to go back after a month or 2 and realize what changes you made and how it effected your runs”



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